What Does Your Birth Stone Say About You? (Part 1)

S Kaul

September 7th, 2016

Some people may not know what their birthstone really says about them. It's common knowledge that a birthstone is associated with one's birth month, but that's not all! In ancient times, a birthstone was thought to bring good health, luck and prosperity to anyone who wore one.

There are twelve months in a year and each month has its own associated birthstone. Depending on the month and birthstone for each person, they may possess certain qualities that can be attributed to themselves. Let's explore this in greater detail.

What Your Birthstone Says about You

  • Red, Orange or Green Garnet (January) 

Garnet is a silicate mineral that forms from an array of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, aluminum, and iron. It can provide directional guidance in periods of darkness. If a person wears this January birthstone, they may have a great image of themselves, accompanied by faith, love and prosperity, periods of nervousness but appear calm, or possess spectacular willpower or high energy. On top of this Garnet represents constancy and truth. 

  • Purple Amethyst (February)

Purple Amethyst is the stone of February. The amethyst stone comes from the quart family and they are not easily damaged because it's very durable and resistant. They bring peace and tranquility, and demonstrate durability and longevity. This stone also helps to aid in abstinence from alcohol and they have been known to heal anxiety and bring on calmness. An amethyst stone is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

  • Pale Blue Aquamarine (March)

Aquamarine gemstones are for those born in March. They derived from the beryl mineral and there are iron traces on its structure. Aquamarine stones are mined in Santa Maria, Brazil. The stone color can vary and purchased in colors from light-greenish blue to a bright blue. The darker the stone, the higher the value. 

Wearers of the aquamarine stone are very lucky people. An aquamarine stone will bring good health, love, youth and hope to those who wear it. It also helps to improve overall happiness and courage and symbolizes the spirit of the oceans. With this comes harmony, purification, sympathy, trust, calmness and peace.

  • Diamond (April)

Diamonds for the month of April. It's no secret that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Not only are diamonds extremely durable, but they come from carbon. Diamonds are probably one of the hardest and sharpest materials and can be referred to as "invincible". They were first discovered in India and they have grown in popularity across the globe.

The color of these stones also dictates its value. Diamond stone colors may vary, but one thing remains constant, they bring invincibility and eternal love and deflects insanity and evil. 

  • Green Emerald (May)

If a person was born in May they would wear a green emerald. This stone also came from the beryl family, just like the aquamarine stone. Out of all the birthstones, the green emerald is the most unique and vibrant. Again, the greener the stone, the higher its value.

It speaks of happiness, health, fertility, faithfulness, improved eyesight, love, peace, serenity, and success. Aside from this, it also brings a calming effect and it's the color or tone for both spring and life. Wearers of this stone may possess a deep love for Mother Nature. In ancient times, the green emerald was thought to have healing powers and bring good luck. 

  • Pearls, Alexandrite, and Moonstones (June)

The milky pearls or moonstones of June suggest chastity, a stable marital relationship, and modesty. These stones come in various colors, such as grey, black, chocolate and the familiar creamy-white colors.

Wearers of a June stone have three options:

1.    Pearl: This stone brings health and longevity.

2.    Alexandrite: This stone changes in color in day and night, while bringing joy and good fortune.

3.    Moonstone: This stone also changes in color depending on the wearer’s mood, but holds the same qualities of the pearl, bringing health and longevity

What’s your birthstone? Did you learn a new quality about yourself after reading this?

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