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Sterling Silver Wine Glass Charm with Red Tone Crystal Accents
34.38 USD 38.21 USD

A sterling silver charm in a wine glass design red tone crystal embellishments. Features crystal acc..

Sterling Silver White Tone Crystal Embellished Snowflake Charm
27.68 USD 30.76 USD

A winter inspired sterling silver charm showcasing a snowflake with white hue crystal embellishments..

Sterling Silver White Tone Crystal Embellished Cross Charm
31.23 USD 34.70 USD

A finely crafted charm in sterling silver. Showcases the letter Q and features a white tone crystal ..

Sterling Silver White Tone Crystal Embellished Charm in a Diamond Ring Design
37.56 USD 41.74 USD

A lovely sterling silver charm in a wedding diamond ring style. Beautifully adorned with a white ton..

Sterling Silver Wedding Cake Charm in White Tone Enamel Finishing
49.21 USD 54.68 USD

This sterling silver wedding cake charm features 3 layers with scallop detailing and white enamel fi..

Sterling Silver Starfish Charm with Crystal Accents
34.69 USD 38.54 USD

A beach themed sterling silver charm showcasing a darling starfish bedecked with beautiful crystal s..

Sterling Silver Star Charm with White Tone Crystal Embellishments
32.18 USD 35.75 USD

This star sterling silver charm features a star shaped cutout and is decorated with white tone cryst..

Sterling Silver Standing Horse Charm
39.89 USD 44.33 USD

This wonderfully crafted sterling silver charm features a horse standing on its four legs. Clasps to..

Sterling Silver Soda Bottle Design Charm with Maroon Enamel Finishing
44.51 USD 49.46 USD

Finished in maroon enamel and featuring a classic style label, this sterling silver soda bottle char..

Sterling Silver Snowman Charm with Red and Black Enamel Finishing
50.46 USD 56.07 USD

Inspiring holiday cheer, this sterling silver snowman charm features a hat and scarf detailing with ..

Sterling Silver Ribbon Charm with White Tone Crystal Accents
33.80 USD 37.55 USD

This is a beautifully designed bow charm crafted in sterling silver and accented with decorative whi..

Sterling Silver Reversible Orange Enameled Charm
33.51 USD 37.24 USD

With the letter O depicted in a pink tone crystal studded heart shape, this sterling silver charm sp..

Sterling Silver Red Tone Enameled Lipstick Charm
47.85 USD 53.17 USD

A beautifully feminine charm in a lipstick design. Showcasing red enamel coating on the base and the..

Sterling Silver Red Tone Crystal Studded Treble Clef Charm
33.80 USD 37.55 USD

A music inspired charm in a treble clef design. Encrusted with crystal accents in a beautiful red hu..

Sterling Silver Red Enameled High Heel Shoe Charm
43.13 USD 47.93 USD

An exquisitely crafted sterling silver charm depicting a high heel shoe with Mary Jane style strap a..