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10 Oct / 2014

The State of Bitcoin Currency in the 21st Century

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Bitcoin is a unique type of digital currency that relies on records as a payment for transactions that take place nationwide or on a global scale.Instead of relying on central banking authorities and governments to monitor transactions, Bitcoin makes extensive use of mathematical equations and cryptography in order to transfer money into the appropriate hands. What has made it particularly convenient is that anyone can process these transactions, whether it is for loans, sales, purchases using their notebook, smart phone, tablet pc, or desktop computer, without the need for any financial institution to intermediate.

01 Oct / 2014

Top Christmas Gifts Ideas for 2014

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As the yuletide season draws nearer, it is only a blink of an eye until actual Christmas day arrives. What do you have planned to give your loved ones or significant other for this special season? If you feel like time is running out at the same rate that your ideas are, don’t fret! This article will point out some of the most exquisite jewelry gift items you can buy, to ensure a sensational and memorable Christmas gift that your recipient will appreciate for many years to come.

18 Sep / 2014

iPhone 6 Impact on Apple Canada

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Apple Inc. has confirmed receiving more than four million pre-orders on the first day for its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has already confirmed that their customers will need to exercise patience until October to finally get their phones. It is however expected that a few deliveries will be made mid September 2014, but a bulk of orders will be dispatched in October. Apple Canada and other U.S. subsidiaries have reported an over demand for the iPhone 6 causing delays in distribution.