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14K Tri-Color Gold Round Pebble Station Necklace

Richly textured bead stations are evenly spaced along this 17'' cable chain necklace. Alte...


14K Tri-Color Gold Chain Necklace with Interlaced Ring Stations

Delicately interlinked ring stations in different hues highlight the unique style of this ...


14K Tri-Color Gold Necklace with Fancy Textured Pebble Stations

Stunning pebble stations in exquisite textured finish accent the slim chain of this beauti...


14K Tri-Color Gold Necklace with Three Donut Like Charms

Three round tube like charms in different colors showcase the unique beauty of this chain ...


14K Tri-Color Gold Pebble Station Necklace with Triple Drop

Our stunning drop necklace features a center station with dangling pebbles in brightly pol...


14K Tri-Color Gold Round Pebble Necklace

A row of richly textured beads grace the front of this stylish 17'' necklace. Expertly cra...


14K Tri-Color Gold Sea Life Drop Pendant Necklace

A trio of marine life charms dangles playfully from a single loop in this expertly crafted...


14K Tri-Color Gold Spiral Design Multi Strand Mirror Spring Necklace

Glamorous and gorgeous, this curly inspired mirror spring necklace features eye-catching m...


14K Tri-Color Gold Triple Heart Necklace

Three expertly crafted hearts, one each in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold gracefully sli...


14K Tri-Tone Gold Plaited Motif Multi Strand Mirror Spring Necklace

The braided design radiates striking glamor on this mirror spring chain necklace. Featurin...


14K Two-Tone Gold Braided Design Double Strand Mirror Spring Necklace

Delicately braided mirror spring strands in trendy 14K two-tone gold highlights this neckl...


14K Two-Tone Gold Butterfly Charms Necklace

Enchanting little butterflies flit across the front of our feminine nature-inspired neckla...