About Us

At Crypto Jeweler, we OFFER STYLISH jewelry at great prices, AND NEVER compromisE ON quality.

Crypto Jeweler was founded in early 2014 as the first true crypto-currency jewelry store of its kind. At Crypto Jeweler, you can buy quality silver, gold, and diamond jewelry using traditional payment methods or through the power of peer-to-peer crypto currencies. All you have to do is quickly create your own personal account and place an order through our secure and simple checkout process.

Our selection offers all the latest jewelry trends you’ve been looking for. Whether you prefer gold to silver or want a blinged out bracelet, you’ll find it in our selection. Choose from an array of diamond rings, silver pendants, and gold necklaces when you shop with us.

If you have any suggestions or would like to purchase a product using a crypto currency that we don't have listed on our site, please contact us at sales[@}cryptojeweler.com and we will do our best to help you out. Depending on the number of requests for adding a new crypto currency, we will consider adding it to our payment gateway.

We offer PayPal/Credit Card & Crypto Currency payment options. This allows us to offer our products to the global market at competitive rates!
Crypto Jeweler offers free shipping on any order over $100. Our team ships products globally at affordable rates. All items are fully insured!
Shop with confidence thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee on all products!
Our dedicated support is always ready to help. Whether you prefer voice/text chat, email or phone we are readily available to answer your questions and concerns.


Love Jewellery?

So do we. Here at Crypto Jeweler, we have passion and reputation for selling the most simple and elegant diamond, gold and silver jewelry. We believe in offering only the best products available, which is why you’ll only find outstanding bracelets, necklaces, and rings at our store.


Each piece in our selection is carefully chosen by our team and guaranteed to make you smile. Whether buying it as a gift for a friend or for yourself, you’ll love what we offer. Browse our selection and try not to let your jaw drop. We dare you.


We believe you should have the option to pay for what you want, how you want. Now you can use cryptocurrencies to buy your jewelry and save money along the way. We’ve also priced our pieces as low as possible based on current market trends, so shop with us to save big on all your jewelry purchases.