5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy with Cryptocurrency

Ryan Scott

September 7th, 2016

As many of you know, technology is advancing everyday by leaps and bounds. What was impossible to do just a couple of years ago, is easily done today: especially when it comes to online purchasing. The problem is that many people feel uncomfortable making any online purchases. They feel that there is not enough security in giving up important information over the Internet in order to make a purchase.

The days of having to give your credit card information are slowly passing us by. A new system, known as cryptocurrency, is gradually coming to the forefront as a safer and more efficient way to pay for many online purchases and services.

Since the inception of online currencies began in 2009 by Bitcoin, many other digital currencies have come onto the market. They are called cryptocurrencies because they are an encrypted digital type of currency that allows you to purchase merchandise online without the risks that regular currency can entail. Cryptocurrencies have become the new way to pay in our digital markets today.

What Can I Purchase With Cryptocurrency?

Obviously, there are many things that can be purchased with cryptocurrency but we would like to mention five things that may be of interest to us women. You may not have known that you could shop for these specific things with this new digital currency.

1.    Jewelry

2.    Lingerie

3.    Clothes

4.    Accessories

5.    Household necessities



Jewelry is a luxury that can be quite expensive. We at CryptoJeweler are the first of our kind, accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for our handmade pieces - if the name didn't give that away already. By choosing this form of payment, the purchase of jewelery is more secure than with regular credit cards or other banking options. Exquisite jewelry is a well-deserved reward that a woman can now purchase online with digital currency, without the fear of having her financial information getting into the wrong hands. Not sure how to purchase with cryptocurrency? Our team is always available to provide online customer support!


Lingerie is another luxury item we just adore. Although undergarments are a true necessity, purchasing the more luxurious stuff is a special treat. Places such as Victoria's Secret and others are presently joining the cause when it comes to purchasing lingerie via cryptocurrency!


Let's face it, clothing is essential, whether for a casual day with friends or for a more formal affair - but we're super choose-y about our attire! Clothes are one of the most sought after items to purchase online and stores like Sears are shifting gears by adding cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Whether you are searching for trendy styles or items for the family, these online purchases can be done simply and safely with the use of digital currency.


Your style is all your's and belts and handbags give you that added touch. Depending on your preference, these can be quite expensive, especially if one has a weakness for designer items. Isn't it a relief that they can be purchased with the new encrypted currencies that we are talking about? Websites such as Etsy and Shopify allow their vendors to accept digital currency now, too! 

Household Necessities

Woman running the household will be excited to shop with digital currency from the comfort of their own homes! There are many companies, such as KMart, that are realizing that they have to jump on the digital currency bandwagon in order to offer secure transactions between the consumer and the companies themselves.

For the companies that do not offer their transactions in cryptocurrency, there are places on the Internet where you can purchase specific gift cards with your digital currency and then purchase with these cards through the stores that you would like to shop at. Cryptocurrency is the new type of currency for this digital age. With such a vast choice of items in the online marketplace today, it’s finally time to consider the secure and easy way to transact our purchases via this new digital currency. Which stores are you shopping at to rock your bold style while getting things done securely and efficiently?

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